Lab Values

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Our lab seeks to create a unique working environment by fostering interdisciplinary and translational collaboration. We look for passionate young scientists to join our team!



We see science as a ‘team sport’. Great science happens only when we – as a community can work together. This means we see each other as teammates instead of competitors. Collaboration between lab members is expected in the lab, this includes tag-team large experiments, practice presentations together and provide feedback, discuss research ideas with teammates, and celebrate each other’s success.


Our lab aims to ensure the success of each lab member, both during their time in the lab and beyond. Mentorship is a dynamic relationship and alliance that offers learning and growth opportunities to both parties. Formal mentorship will look different for every lab member based on their personal and professional needs and will evolve as those needs change. Each year, we use Mentor-Mentee Matrix and Individual Development Plan to provide feedback to both mentees and mentors. We also recognize that everyone needs more than one mentor. Lab members are encouraged to develop a Mentoring Network Map and discuss with Dr. Zhang.


We respect and embrace our differences in the lab. We see differences as a strength and aim to celebrate them. We value each lab member’s unique experiences and perspective, and we strive to create a workplace where members can thrive in their research goals.

Department of Pharmaceutics • College of Pharmacy • University of Florida

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