Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researcher


Chenikkayala Siva Sankara

Postoctoral Researcher in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PhD in Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Research Focus: prodrug design for small molecule immune modulators


Graduate Students

Ph.D. candidate (2021 Fall)

Zijing Xu, MS

PhD candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutics Track, University of Florida
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Columbia University
BS in Pharmacological Chemistry, UCSD

Research Focus: dendrimer-based nanoformulation for mRN A delivery


Ph.D. candidate (2022 Fall)

Kevon Jolly, BS

PhD candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutics Track, University of Florida
BS in Forensic Science (Biochemistry Track), University of Central Florida. Dean’s List, Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholar

Research Focus: Engineering MDSCs to control chronic inflammation


Undergraduate Students

Owen Gillen

BS Student, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida

Mentor: Zijing Xu

Kai Rubach

BS Student, Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Florida


This could be you!

UGRD/Master student Research Volunteer

Our lab is seeking an undergraduate/master student to work as research assistant on a project in the field of drug & gene delivery, nanomedicine, and cancer immunotherapy. The research assistant position has the opportunity to transition into a graduate fellowship/PhD candidate position under the Pharmaceutical Sciences Program at the UF College Pharmacy.


Past Member

Coral Bell, BS Student, Biochemistry, 2023-2024

Wen Jiang, B.S. PharmD student, 2023-2024

Tejashwini LNU, M.S. Chemical Engineering, 2022-2023

Sofia Alemar, M.S., Biomedical Engineering, 2021-2022

Archit Pipalva, B.S. 2021

Richard Zhang, B.S. Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech (2023 SURF student)

Jacquelin Guo, B.S. Chemical Engineering at UT Austin (2022 SURF student)


Department of Pharmaceutics • College of Pharmacy • University of Florida

1345 Center Drive PO BOX 100494, Medical Science Building, Room P3-26 Gainesville, FL 32610