Zijing and Kevon received the AAPS best abstract award

Graduate students Zijing and Kevon's works were selected for the AAPS best awbstract award

best abstract

Graduate student Kevon Kevon Jolly received the NCI diversity supplement Award

Graduate student Kevon Jolly received 76K training funds from NCI to develop tumor-homing mRNA nanoparticles


Graduate student Zijing successfully passed his Qualify Exam. Congratulation!


Best Oral Talk Award (UF BIOMATERIALS DAY)

Graduate Student Kevon Jolly (first left in the photo) won the Best Oral Talk Award at UF Biomaterials Day. His talk is based on a shared project between him and Zijing (another graduate studnet who co-leads this project). Congratulations to both graduate students for making significant discoveries in RNA delivery!

UF biomaterials day

University Scholar Program (USP) Award

Congratulations to Kai Rubach, undergraduate student in our lab, was selected to the University Scholar Program!


Biomedical Research Collective (BRC) – RM1 pilot funding

Our lab has been awarded pilot funding through the Sepsis & Critical Illness Research Center’s Biomedical Research Collective (BRC): Enhancing the Interdisciplinary Approach to Translational Scientific Inquiry- an RM1GM139690 Pilot Program.


Poster presentations

Zhang lab members presented their research at the annual COP research showcase

research showcase

Dr. Zhang recevied the KL2 Career Development Awards from CTSI (sponsor NCATS)



Review paper published in ADDR

Congratualtions to Zijing and Kevon for publishing their first review paper titled 'Myeloid cell-mediated drug delivery: From nanomedicine to cell therapy' in Advanced Drug Delivery Review!

myeloid delivery

microRNA therapeutics for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Our collaborative project with Dr. Schmittgen's lab received funding support from NCI. This work focuses on developing microRNA-based therapeutics for pancreatic cancer treatment.


Welcome Siva!

Chenikkayala Siva Sankara, postdoc in chemistry joined Zhang Lab.


American Cancer Society IRG Pilot Projects

Our lab received funding support from American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant through UFHCC to understand the how nanoparticle surface modification can affect the  immune cell chemotoaxis

Welcome Kevon!

Kevon Jolly, graduate student majored in Pharmaceutical Sciences recently joined Zhang Lab.

ABTA Discovery Award

Our lab received funding support from ABTA to develop immunotherapy against glioma.

2022 SURF Student

Welcome UF 2022 SURF program trainee Jackie Guo joining Zhang Lab! As a ChE undergraduate student from UT Austin, Jackie will spend her summer working on synthesizing novel lipid materials for mRNA delivery.


Our collaborative project recently won UF Research Opportunity Seed Fund Award. Thanks to our funders and collaborators for supporting our work.

Ocala Royal Dame Cancer Research

Our project in macrophage engineering is supported by Ocala Royal Dame for Cancer Research. Thanks to our funders for supporting our work!

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